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The Job of a City Councilman

August 23, 2015

Well, because of the 2015-2016 budget, I have not been able to write an article, but since this is a new process to me, I thought I would give you an insight on being a City Councilman.

The challenge of being a newly elected City Councilman

Being new on any new adventure surely brings frustration to people. The day I took office, I was looking for the training manual.  Have not found that manual as of today. There are a lot of changes to overcome and more expectations to meet. Specifically, acquiring this position for the City of Mineral Wells gives a heavy responsibility to a councilman.

The mere understanding of the entire process is already a burden and cause of stress. However, coping with the job will be easy after a few months of performing the different tasks and required activities. One must invest in patience and love towards his work so that everything will be fine in the long run.  I have been told that sometimes I wear my feelings on my sleeve and I need to be prepared to accept criticism from all points of view.

The duties which are entrusted are:

Working with city staff– The city staff has been there longer than the newly appointed Councilman.  One has to depend on guidance and the advice from the staff on procedures and goals.  There are different appointed positions to evaluate that report to the council.  The decision to maintain or select  new appointed positions is a very responsible decision a councilman must weigh  on during his/her tenure..

Communication with the public– As an official, a councilman takes charge on passing municipal ordinances. There might be conflicts and issues whenever this official failed to orient the people comprehensively.

When it comes to ordinances, a council member must make sure that he approves the regulations reasonably. Noise control guidelines, land development policies, traffic ordinances, and anti-pollution procedures are some of the ordinances he needs to pass.  The ordinance is required to be presented by one council member. A council member must always think of the welfare of the majority over his personal interests.

As a member of the city government, a councilman is expected to promote good connections with government, state, and federal agencies. He must appropriately work with the other officials to resolve problems and issues that bother the citizens.

Setting Tax rates– There  is a need for proper calculation of tax to be implemented. As a newly elected councilman, it might be hard to determine the exact amount he must set. The newly elected official will experience confusion in some instances.

Budget– A city councilman is responsible for approving  the yearly budget of the entire city. In Mineral Wells, the City Manager formulates and presents the budget to the council for agreement. This process then is for the Councilman to determine if there are any additions and deletions that need to be made.Aside from the budget, he will also approve the current expenditures of funds within the city.

Working as part of a team– A city councilman always needs the help of other government officials and constituents. It is better to have a frequent coordination with the other departments in order to ensure a united city government.

A newly elected city councilman will encounter exhaustive procedures dealing with his job at first. He must prepare himself with wide knowledge and related experiences to accomplish his duties professionally. Choosing to serve the people will require him to be versatile on coping with the daily operations.  I decided to become a City  Councilman so that I can make a difference in growing our city.

By October 1, we will be ready for the new year and I have several ideas in place to beautify the city and help in driving businesses to our city.

As always, please stay in touch with me and I am always interested in your input and ideas. Please join my Facebook page at Clif Wright and have your friends to do the same or watch my Web page for new things happening in the city at or email me at


City Agenda for 8-18-2015

August 16, 2015

Hello Everyone,

We are currently in the process of budget meetings and there has been many things said that was not correct. I have included here the link to the City Councilman packet that we work from during the Council meetings.

Agenda for 8-18-2015

I want everyone to know that I am FOR the Police and Fire Department and the City Employees in dealing with the compensation package delivered by Chief Sullivan.  In the minutes, you will find attached by recommendation on how to justify spending cuts instead of raising taxes.  This proposal was for 1 year and review during the year.

The next year will prove very interesting as I still have hope in the Baker coming to life and watching this town grow.  I have faith in our city leadership and believe in direction to grow Mineral Wells.  If nothing happens in the next year, yes…then we need to find another direction to follow.

If you have any questions or concerns…leave me a note here, or on Facebook.


Budget Hearing Aug 11

August 11, 2015


This could be to late to post, but tonight August 11 we are having our second budget hearing.  I need people to come out and express their ideas.

Please go to the following site and review what I am going to talk about tonight.

Reduce Land Fill and Help Save Your City with Recycling

August 5, 2015

For many years now, a lot have been said about the importance of recycling paper, plastic bottles and other materials. While many have been actively doing so, there are still some who do not realize the value of recycling. It is great that there are households who do their part in recycling by separating non-biodegradable from biodegradable trash and sorting recyclable materials, however, this can actually be more helpful if an entire city can work together as one and it will surely make a huge difference. Not only will this leave cities clean, it also promotes economic development and can help reduce land fill.

Have you ever wondered where tons and tons of trash of your city go? Did you ever think where thousands of plastic bottles get disposed? While schools would teach you important basics such as paper recycling saves trees, it is good to be educated on how you can learn to recycle and make a bigger difference for your city. If no one does something about this today and the part of having to reduce land fill, soon enough we will all find ourselves living on land that’s basically a garbage dump.

Trees are used to make paper and if there’s continuous waste of paper, you are basically just killing trees. This is why many use recycled paper instead. Indeed, paper recycling saves trees. It would be best if you can gather all your old newspapers at home and bring it to a recycling company in your city. In businesses, it would be best to save paper by segregating those that can be used as scratch papers and if you feel like you have private and sensitive information printed out, you can shred those papers and bring it to a junk shop or a recycling company. You can help reduce land fill with these simple actions and most importantly, you can do your part in saving Mother Earth.

There are also many plastic bottles in households and business establishments and it would be best if you will separate these from other trash. These recyclable materials will not only reduce land fill but can be used to create new items instead of having to use raw materials again. This allows you to save natural resources and even generate income from recycling. This heavily promotes economic development not only because recycling can create new jobs but also because you are basically converting money from trash. Tons of recyclables found in trash can equate to thousands of dollars that will go to your city’s revenue.

It is definitely important for a city government to support recycling plastic bottles, paper and other materials that may be used. Educating residents of a city is highly important too and the city must provide ways on how to dispose these recyclables other than having to mix it to trash that goes to the land fill. Now that you know that indeed paper recycling saves trees and recycling other materials such as plastic will help reduce land fill and can actually bring revenue to your city, you must do your part.

Remember that the public hearings for the 20152016 starts August 11 at the City Hall Annex! We need to hear your voice, your ideas, and your direction you would like to see your city grow.

As always, you can contact me on Facebook (Clif Wright), Twitter (@Clif_Wright), my blog, and at my email .

Honesty and Trust in City Government

July 24, 2015

I have started to settle into my new job as City Councilman and still enjoy every day. One thing I want to bring to the Citizens of Mineral Wells is the ability to trust and believe in your City government.

It is indeed important to practice honesty within local government offices in order to sustain a trustworthy administration in the city government. Hence, all officials from the city government need to be honest in all dealings, as well as all organizations they deal with on a daily basis.  They must do this  for them to be able to provide what the citizens exactly need.

Apparently, city officials should have the trust of the people and gain faith in organizations they are dealing with. If there is absence of trust, progress will be hindered and the city will not grow as it should.  The city government should believe the organizations that they interact with.

Failure to create legitimate and accountable government is actually a risk that comes with repeated distrust. The performance of the local government, in fact, shapes the beliefs of the citizens toward politicians. The authorities in the city government should never underestimate the importance of trustworthiness in their duties.

With improvements in service delivery, quality, and city councilmen’s perceptions in being honest, trust will be efficiently  built.  Perhaps, city service provision plays an important role in honing excellent relationships between the city government and citizens to successfully overcome the risk factors of conflict as well as fragility.

For instance, corruption may be eliminated if only the officials know how to exercise integrity. Honesty is an essential ingredient to developing the city. Individuals are actually taught honesty, but they sometimes find it hard to be honest especially if there’s no one who sees their actions.

Thus, it is essentially needed that political authorities have to become trustworthy in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities. However, if the local government is already not trusted, a new system must be built in order to create a just environment for the citizens living within the city.

Teaching and spreading the value of trust, as well as honesty, in every circumstance should be practiced just like a popular trend in fashion.

The bottom line is that city government should be administered by public officials of integrity. Public resources in fact don’t belong to any political authority.

As always you can reach me at my website (please subscribe to stay up to date on things on my mind), my Facebook page and you can always email me at

Beautification of the City

July 17, 2015

Just one beautification project for the city, like new park benches or a vast flower planting, can generate positive publicity since we always want our neighborhoods to look good. A pleasant appearance of the city will add to the values of our homes, will help in attracting some business investments, and help in the improvement of the neighborhood’s reputation. Research has shown that beauty is one of the top factors in order to create city attachment, or loyalty, to your certain city or town. Some of the researchers have even indicated that an attractive neighborhood leads to  better behavior. In order to look good, it will be very helpful if you understand some of the urban design principles. When the people would take what was called surveys on visual preference, the results are usually lop-sided. In this method, the participant will simply be asked about which photo of the same type of the building or street scene they would prefer.

Everything that we do in the garden and yard adds a beautification element to the city where we live. It may not be your initial objective; but it has a positive impact on those in our surroundings. If you live in a neighborhood like this, it will almost become contagious to see what your neighborhood will be doing and what anew things that you would want to try out. However, it is not only your own spaces that should be beautified, but the city entirely. Beautification of the city is not only the responsibility of the city government and some other committees, but it is also the responsiblility of every resident playing their part to make their environment somewhat better. If you have beauty surrounding you every day, your levels of stress will go down and your appreciation for things around you will increase. Your attitude will naturally become more positive, which in return, will make more positive things happen.

City beautification is a contagious entity taking over and moving forward much faster when people get involved. The same thing will happen when a city becomes derelict and run down. People  becomie depressed, and they do not want to make some changes.  They are feeling stressed, they are not very healthy, and they are breeding tiredness and depression into a new level. This outcome does not have positive effect and will soon be affecting the entire city. As a community, we need to look at things entirely, determining what we really want in order to contribute in making our city a better place to live. You can begin early in the spring, in groups, or alone, in taking a long walk and picking up the garbage blowing up into the city.

This activity alone is making a huge difference on a large scale. Another thing that you can do is to ensure to maintain an orderly and neat yard for a clean appearance. You need to make sure that things will not lie around or that you will not become a pack rat in which things begin overflowing from your house into the front lawn. If you add landscaping and gardens, this will happen to be an extra bonus for you and to many other to be happy and enjoy.

Get Active And Be The Change You Wish To See In Your City

July 3, 2015

We have a numerous reasons to blame the city Government for not being active in doing things at the right time; but, does this mean that we have ample of time for these accusations and excuses? It cannot be denied that participation in the movement is more important than waiting for the movement. Have we ever thought why the attractive DIY ideas are limited to home décor? Why don’t we implement the same rule of DIY in the improvement of the city’s affairs?
We often find projects introduced by the City Government or local committees; but, they are stopped in the middle of the work for some reasons. We find a way to start playing a blame game here by noting down the list of excuses. The thought to find out the reasons why it was stopped never comes in the minds of citizens. Have you ever tried to find out if the city Government needs more support from its local citizens? Okay, Let’s do it this way, compare the number of city government officials and the number of population residing in the city. The difference in the numbers will be huge!
The solution is very simple, if someone asks you – do you love your city, all you need to do is raise your hands and say; I DO! The objective behind I DO is quite simple to understand;
I – stands for I
D -stands for Divide
O – stands for Opportunities
This is what is expected from the city Government from the responsible citizens. Start dividing the opportunities and areas of development with the support of the Government and take ownership to do things on your own.
Here are a few tips to be a responsible citizen and let the Government know that you follow – I DO:
List down the number of concerns in your city and mention the possible solutions by gathering a few data. This will really help your city officials to look into the issues clearly.

Participate and volunteer yourself in various community projects.

Take responsibility to analyze the challenges around you. Find out the areas of improvement in your city and raise this information to your city Government.

Protect your environment by maintaining the city’s rules and regulations. Breaking the law will only make it worse for your own living.

Encourage more people to join you. Ask them the same question, if they love their city and if the answer is – I DO, then you must explain them the meaning of these two words.


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